Company Overview

Here at WeblishPal, we’re using our energy, creativity, and smarts to change the way people learn English as a second language. Since one of the biggest problems in language acquisition is lack of practice, we’re solving that by creating easy to use video chatrooms, enabling our users to create fun blogs and profiles so they can find that exact person with whom they can have a meaningful and relevant English conversation to help prep for interviews, polish their essays, or generally get better at communicating in English. Rather than re-creating another textbook or “learn English in 20 min or your money back” kind of program, we thought, heck, let’s allow the people to learn how they want, when they want, and for prices they can afford, by helping them find the perfect tutor for their own learning goals. Moreover, we also wanted to give all the awesome tutors in the world the chance to find students directly and set their own rates for teaching classes. It’s simple and elegant, and yet has a lot of room for growth and development.

Today, we’re looking for smart, driven, and passionate people excited about creating new and innovative ways for people to connect online. If you’re looking to grow your careers in a fast paced, collaborative, and truly fun company, then tell us why you’re the right fit and what you can contribute to our growing team. And of course, since we want to reward you with the company’s success, we provide a competitive salary and stock options based compensation.



随着网语吧的业务增长,网语吧的团队也在快速扩张。如果你形容自己为“有创造性”、“对网上平台充满热情”,并希望在一个快节奏、工作方式前卫的国际化团队中一展身手,那么请用你的简历和自我介绍 告诉我们为 什么你合适在网语吧的团队中工作。当然,我们也会用非常有吸引力的报酬来回报你。

Job List

  1. Lead Drupal Developer -  领队Drupal程序员  
  2. Senior Drupal/PHP Developer -  高级Drupal/PHP程序员  
  3. Online Marketing Manager - 网络营销经理  
  4. Online Marketing Associate- 网络营销专员